Reddit user Radamshome, a father of two, took on the massive task of transforming his daughter’s ordinary bedroom into a fairytale land, complete with a life-sized treehouse she could sit inside to read her books.

He spent more than 18 months and $4,250 to complete the project, which includes features such as moss-like carpet, detailed fairy windows affixed to the tree, multiple birds’ nests and dimming Christmas lights in the foliage of the branches to simulate stars.

The fairytale land was carefully constructed of welded wire, papier mache and concrete, and intricately shaded using multiple coats of paint, dye and colored ink. The tree is so strong that it can hold three adults.

Before this project, Radamshome had never worked with welding or concrete, but enjoyed painting toy models as a hobby when he was a teenager. This helped with the artistic attention to detail.

Though the tree was the biggest and most time-consuming part of the project, he also installed hardwood floors, painted the walls and picked out customized decorations with little help.

This magical DIY project is inspiration for any parent to learn new skills and collect major brownie points from their kids. [Photography by Radamshome]