Serene Vacation Home in Sweden Hides Among the Pine Trees

Villa Ljung is a charming vacation home near the sea in Höllviken, Sweden. The project was completed by Johan Sundberg Architecture and comprises three buildings: a residence, a garage and a small cottage for an aging relative.

The façades of all three buildings are clad in various types of larch paneling, which makes them blend in with the pine trees. “The house’s proximity to the forest and the sea entails a meaningful contact with nature,” the architects said.

modern residence (1)

Inside the main house, an array of materials and textures, emphasized by an abundance of natural lighting, add a sense of dynamics. Danish brick flooring and stone walls give the interiors a cottage-like feel.

“The kitchen, dining room and lounge area are arranged around the large central room, which extends beyond the fireplace to a winter garden with folding doors in both directions,” the architects said.

Designed by landscape architect Anders Folkesson, the garden features narrow pathways winding through the heather and moss. [Information provided by Johan Sundberg Architecture; photography by Markus Linderoth]

modern residence (2)
modern residence (2,6)
modern residence (5)

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