Modern Style and Sensibility In a Traditional D.C. Neighborhood

The Brandywine House, in an upscale residential neighborhood in Washington, D.C., was completed by Robert M. Gurney Architect. Offering a screened porch, covered deck, rooftop deck and balconies, the contemporary L-shaped home is oriented around a large outdoor living space.

Its floor-to-ceiling windows overlook a swimming pool in the backyard. “This project is intended to be respectful of its established neighborhood while infusing a modern sensibility for aesthetics, functionality, ecology and technology,” the architect said. 

The exterior materials include stone, wood and stucco. Inside, the combination of white oak, mahogany, rosewood and zebrawood creates a warm atmosphere in contrast to the cool modern style, while expansive skylights generate shifting light throughout the day.

Even though the home has several windows and glass walls, their strategic placement in the front of the house allows for the residents’ privacy. Computer-programmed window shades, a hydronic heating system, a solar-powered water heater and photovoltaic panels also make it extremely energy efficient. [Photography by Anice Hoachlander and Allen Russ]

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