Children’s Playhouse in Brazil Features Fun on Every Floor

Pascali Semerdjian Architects designed the Toy House in São Paulo, Brazil. The 2,659-square-foot play area was built next to the owner’s home especially for entertainment — of children and adults alike.

“The project was conceived as a huge play place for a growing family, designed to be a home for the children’s toys and a venue for parties and events,” the architects said. “The discrete entrance opens up with an invitation to play. A staircase leads visitors to choose among three different levels.”

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The lower level houses a large TV room for video game and movie sessions, with an integrated kitchen. Sliding doors open to the outside, where a slide can be found under the stainless steel staircase. On the main floor, colorful modular furniture echoes the creatively shaped built-in shelving.

On the upper level, the architects envisioned a flexible metal capsule with remote-controlled shutters. “The space can expand to become bigger or smaller, isolated or opened, and can be easily dismantled in the future,” the developing team said.

A tower gate and a pink rope bridge add to this playful residence, while works of art by famous Brazilian artists bring character to the design scheme. [Photos and information provided by Pascali Semerdjian Architects]

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